3.3KW On board Battery Charger+1KW DC-DC Converter

//3.3KW On board Battery Charger+1KW DC-DC Converter

3.3KW On board Battery Charger+1KW DC-DC Converter

3.3KW On board Battery Charger+1KW DC-DC Converter

85-265VAC/200-420VDC input

200-420VDC/13.8VDC output


Download Specifications: Ovar 3.3KW OBC+1.5KW DC DC Converter


The Ovartech CAD332DF400A-14102 is a combination high-frequency 3.3KW battery charger and 1KW DC/DC converter in one package, Integrated high-frequency battery charger andDC/DC converter saves space, weight, and cabling  thereby minimizing the cost of inventory, installation, and service.

CAD332DF400A-14102 on-board charger series is designed for electric vehicle battery chargingwith demand for efficiency, robustness and safety. The electrical input voltage for  CAD332DF400A-14102 ranges from AC 85~265V, making it an ideal selection for worldwide usage. Its high-efficiency performance makes the charging more economical. CAD332DF400A-14102 provides intelligent charging mode which adjusts the voltage in CC/CV/cut off automatically. It also features short-circuit, over voltage, over current and over temperature protections under charging. The CAN-bus interface delivers message with charging flow, interlock connection, and any disconnection or error message to VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) via BMS (Battery Management System).
CAD332DF400A-14102charger series is in compliance with SAE J1772 and IEC 61851 to meet international standard, and with IP 67 for critical operating environment.

Model CAD332DF400A-14102
Power 3.3KW+1KW
Input voltage 85-265Vdc
Output current 0-10A
Output voltage 200-420Vdc/13.8Vdc
Cooling air-cooling
Dimension 294x249x117mm; 11.6×9.8×4.6”
Weight 7kg; 15.4lbs
IP rate IP67
Interface CAN BUS/Enable control


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