QA Series Industrial Battery Charger

//QA Series Industrial Battery Charger

QA Series Industrial Battery Charger

QA Series Industrial Battery Charger

120VAC/240VAC input

24V 25A, 36V 15A, 48V 15A, 48V 25A and 72V 15A output


Download SpecificationsOVAR QA Series Battery Charger Specs


OVAR QA Series is a highly durable and waterproof on- or off-board charger that operates on any single phase grid worldwide with a 96% peak efficiency. Customized charging profiles is easy to assist customers in achieving battery charging flexibility.

This QA Industrial Battery Charger is the perfect choice for charging and maintaining 24 Volt, 36 Volt, 48 Volt and 72 Volt industrial deep cycle batteries on golf carts, scissor lifts, utility vehicles, electric vehicles, and other industrial vehicles and equipment. Exceptional technology prolongs battery life and extends run time. This portable charger features multiple charging modes.

Model QA2425 QA3615 QA4815 8A4825 QA7215
Input voltage 120V/240V 120V/240V 120V/240V 120V/240V 120V/240V
Output current 25A 15A 15A 25A 15A
Output voltage 24V 36V 48V 48V 72V
Dimension 8.5x6x4.5”; 215x154x115mm
Weight 8.8lbs (4Kg)
IP rate IP65    
Battery type Lead acid (Wet / AGM / GEL), lithium ion
Reverse polarity  Electronic protection with auto-reset
 Short circuit  Electronic current limit



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