EV/HEV DC/DC Converter 1.5KW

//EV/HEV DC/DC Converter 1.5KW

EV/HEV DC/DC Converter 1.5KW

EV/HEV DC/DC Converter 1.5KW/1500W

108Vdc to 420Vdc

DC output range: 13.8Vdc

IP67 Rate

Download Specifications: 1.5KW DC to DC Converter VDD152S360-14


The Ovartech range of DC/DC Converters are suitable for a wide range of electric powered vehicles and are specifically designed to be fitted on-board the vehicle and connected permanently to the battery. This range of High Voltage DC/DC products are designed to satisfy the current trend to use higher battery voltages between 108Vdc to 800Vdc which are converted to lower voltages to power ancillary loads. Options include nominal 12Vdc output, with exact output voltage set using a CAN communications command.

The products can satisfy a range of power requirements from 1kW to 12kW (when paralleled only). The High Voltage DC/DC range is designed to offer full performance across the temperature range of -40˚C to +45˚C (air cooled) and +65˚C (liquid cooled). It has many protection features such as input UVLO, input OVLO, input reverse polarity, current limit, output short circuit and over temperature. The CAN communications features allow the units to be enabled and disabled with communications messages.

Model VDD152S360-14
Power 1500W/1.5KW
Input voltage 108-420Vdc
Output current 0-108A
Output voltage 13.8Vdc
Cooling air-cooling
Dimension 272x175x94mm; 10.7×6.9×3.7”
Weight 2kg; 4.4lbs
IP rate IP67
Interface CAN BUS/Enable control


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